Tuesday, May 01, 2007

Back from the Weekend

Well, I'm back at work today. Not that you would know since I haven't posted anything to give you a clue. I came home last Thursday night from work to be greeting with a flooded basement, a wife who had gone out and bought a wet vac and was trying vainly to vacum up the water only to have it replaced with more water.

I went out with her and bought a portable sump pump at the Home Depot. A good thing to own I've learned. Anyways, we battled on a good part of the night to keep our basement from floating away.

I called a plummer on Friday morning. The sewer was backed up. And they proceeded to rod the sewer line. The rod got stuck! The poor guy working on the thing struggled for several hours to get his sewer rod out but to no avail! The possible meaning of this: the pipe was broken somewhere. Or, less likely, it ran into one nasty tree root.

There was no one available that day to dig a hole in my front yard to find the problem so I would have to wait until Monday. Fortunately, the whole weekend there was no rain... except for Sunday night! As I heard the rain on the roof Sunday night I prayed to God that there would be no more flooding in the basement. I was not thrilled about the thought of spending hours in the basement babysitting a sump pump and then wet vacing all the stuff it couldn't get.

Fortunately, the basement stayed dry. Later I am going to post an entry with pictures from the repair (took with my digital camera).

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