Tuesday, May 08, 2007

A Slip?

Boy do I want to justify myself! A little rationalization. A little self-spin doctoring. I bought AAA batteries for my phone's headset at work. Not a problem. But I also bought at the same time a can of Red Bull. Not supposed to happen! I can say that the main thing I went for is the needed batteries. But that is lame. I can say Red Bull has less caffiene in it than coffee. That is still not the point.

The points:
  • I don't need any sugar (processed) or caffiene in my life. I'm trying to get healthy.
  • We are trying to save money. I certainly don't want to open the flood gates.

Before leaving the money at home I was spending $5-7 a day at work on junk food and soft drinks. If we just stick with $5 a day, that's $100 a month. Nothing to sneeze at! I am annoying!

"How did you buy this stuff if you left your money at home?" you may ask. I left my bank card in my wallet. I forgot to take it out. I've been just leaving my credit card in my wallet for emergencies. But I was so driven today I might have gone to the trouble of using it anyways.

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