Friday, July 13, 2007

TMD Update

I spent a bit more time working on the Movieland Directory version 2.0 last night. A few minutes only. I thought it was interesting that after making my last post about my work on the site, Tony told me that the unique visits went up. Just for your information, the work I'm doing now for the new version is not on our web host. I'm initially doing all the work on a ColdFusion Developer web server running on my PC at home. So, the link above will take you to the live production version of the Movieland Directory, not to the new version 2.0 version.

There will be a beta at some point. But it is way too early right now to be thinking of that. Sadly, I can't work on it "full time." And even if I could, I would probably be too restless to do so.

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