Friday, October 26, 2007

Annoying Things on Blogger Blogs

There are times I am bored and I click the ol' "Next Blog" button at the top of blogger pages to see what I can see. Here are some things that annoy me that come up. I'm sure you too... but I want to vent:

  1. The "Next Blog" button and "Flag Blog" button are missing. So, if the site is indecent you can't flag it. Also, if you want to move on to another "Next Blog" you have to hit your browser's back button and click the "Next Blog" button on the previous blog.

  2. Spam Blogs. They're popping up all the time and they are truly annoying! Many times they are guilty of annoying thing #1!

  3. No Blogger Directory that I know of. If the writer of the blog has left it open to the world, I wish there was a directory to browse by subject, etc. The site GlobeOfBlogs is lame in my opinion and not automated.

  4. I wish the directory could have a place for users to rank blogs, and post comments about the blogs.

  5. I annoy myself: How many different blogs do I have that I've bearly updated that are wasting space on servers out there. Most blogs are like that I've heard. I can live with this I think.



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