Friday, April 06, 2007



Chomer.com. This site is "in shambles." At least in my estimation! Who is the bum who is responsible for this thing? Er, ah, well... That would be me wouldn't it... hmmm....

I have to say that many months went by without me doing one blessed thing on the site. All my evening hours would go to working on my co-worker's site the Movieland Directory, if that at all. I just wanted to say though that in the last 2 or 3 weeks I have made some changes to my site!
The site?
That I made changes! :P

I think my main problem with Chomer.com is that my goals are too lofty. I want to cover too many things. I'm interested in too may things! That isn't a good enough excuse. Robert Scoble has his blog, and about a bazillion other things going at the same time. And he does it well. Of course that's his full time job! My full time job is writing SFA intranet web sites or any other internal Sales Force Automation things they want me to build. When I get home many times I'm sick of building web pages, scripts, software, etc. Do you get the feeling that I am just coming up with excuses?

I fall down, get back up, dust myself off, and begin working on my site again. I look at what it might become someday. It's is my techy playground for now, nobody's counting on it, it is definitely not a cash cow for me, but it's my little spot on the web. Please stop by occasionally and check it out. And please be patient with me and my site and don't write me off.

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