Friday, April 20, 2007

TMD: Problems with the Old, Potential with the New

The technical problems with the Movieland Directory site continue. Tony called me at home last night with some issues. Fortunately, these were easy to fix and I fixed them while I was on the phone. Tony told me that the site was acting up this morning and wondered if I had changed anything since last night. The answer was "No."

It seems ever since Tony saved the database in the later version of Access we have had these problems. Part of me wants to write a program that converts the database back to the old version of Access and see if that clears things up.

There is still the idea of converting the Access database to MySQL. There are issues with this right now. Tony has a few thoughts on this that might tide us over for now.

Ultimately, I'm working on a revised Movieland Directory site. Adminstrators would have full editing capabilities, so mySQL will be used for sure (no need to edit stuff off-line in Access and reload the database). The new site will be very Web 2.0. I've got to finish this thing! It rocks! As far as how the new site works for the user, I don't think there's anything on the Internet yet like it.

I'm working on the design on my PC at home using ColdFusion MX's Developer Edition. Initially the database will be in Access to make design easier. Once I have everything working great, I will convert the database into MySQL. Then upload everything to a sub directory for Tony to check out. When Tony sees it he will be blown away and urgently desire for me to put it into production for all to see!

I have a certain nerdy pride about the whole thing, but for now I need to keep my nerdy revelations under wraps (no details)!

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