Friday, July 06, 2007

Movieland Directory Coding

Spent some more time working on new version of the Movieland Directory last night. I'm still trying to figure out some navigation issues with the new design. I have a desire for the BACK and FORWARD browser buttons to work properly, coupled with the code not getting too complicated!

A day or two ago my code had seperate headers and footers on each page that is designed to be search engine friendly. Not too efficient! Last night I created ColdFusion functions to generate these. I've added them to two of the pages. I have a few more to do. The footer includes a link that can be clicked to validate the HTML on the page. I plan on posting these pages in an obscure directory on our web host for testing. This testing isn't really even the main functionality of the new site. The main point here is that:
  • The HTML is properly formed.
  • The HTML and content is search engine friendly.

After this part is done, the next things I want to do are:

  • Have the initial navigation start code will be added.
  • Add javascript code that loads initial user interface.
  • Change style sheets to hide Raw HTML (which I mention above). This HTML and it's content is going to be for the benefit of search engines only. The content will describe in a textual way what the actual content is in the Real interface!



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