Wednesday, August 01, 2007

New iPhone Obsessed Blog

FYI: A new blog on the iPhone. Check it out.


Chicago iPhone Tech Talk: Will I go?

I got the time off with my boss to go to the August 28th iPhone Tech Talk in Chicago. The question is, will I get an invite? I submitted my request plenty early. Are they ignoring requests that they might think are "riff-raff?"

"Oh, this Orville Chomer dude doesn't work for a company that develops Apple software... Strike 1... and look... according to the info he entered on-line he doesn't own an iPhone yet... Strike 2.... And we looked at his crummy Chomer.com site and we don't want to give info to someone whose site is a total mess like this one! ... that can be Strike 3! Yes! Strike 3! Let me see here, is this Chomer-dude an A-List blogger? No? .... Well.... not even that to consider!"

I'm thinking about showing up regardless and seeing what happens. Though I'd much rather get an official "you're in" note from Apple!

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Ajaxification Disabled

I've created a spiffy bit of Javascript and CSS to "Ajaxify" my blogger blog. Problem is that the browser's Back button doesn't work properly with this. Right now I don't have time to work on this, so I disabled the functionality. Besides that problem, it is really cool. It caches pages visited, so, if you click on a link to a post you've looked at already in the same session, it doesn't go back to the server to get it, it gets it from the cache. Neat-o! I have other ideas for this besides having the Back button working... but it will have to wait!

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