Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Work phone is now working! yea!


Listen O my soul: please God. Make Him smile! May the thing I try to get is the Father being happy. Not stuff. May what I do, I say, I think bring pleasure to God!

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No Money - No Bankcard -- On Purpose

Yesterday, I knew better that I should not have any soda (especially Mountain Dew), but I ignored rational thought and bought some anyway. I drank a good portion of it and regretted doing so the rest of the day and through-out last night. The caffiene, the sugar. I decided to leave my cash and bank card at home. I am carrying a credit card for emergencies. Using it is more of a hassle. And I am glad it is a hassle! Not that I have that much money anyways! It doesn't take too much to buy a soda! Bah!


Phone Service At Work

Speaking of phones. My phone at work has not been working since last Thursday. Still no worky!

Called up and found out that sometime today it should get fixed. I sure hope so! It is a royal pain not having my phone working. My cell phone lacks a certain amount of clarity! One nice thing about this whole thing is I found out my cell phone wouldn't work on those IVR menus "press 1 or blah"... But I found the setting to change and it now works! So, if I have to join a conference bridge on my cell phone because my work phone doesn't work yet, I won't be out in the cold!


Monday, April 23, 2007

Phone in the Hood

I got my jacket on this morning. Something didn't feel right when I put it on. I walked over to the train to go to work. I sat down in the seat. Man! I feel a lump in my back! I reached back. Somehow I had gotten my cell phone in the hood of my jacket!


My wife and I picked up my dad from the nursing home and took him for a drive and a meal at Wendy's. He liked that! He doesn't like being there at the nursing home. I don't like it either. He has Parkinson's and mild to moderate dementia. If I could but make enough money for in-home health care. I need to trust God with my dad, my situation. Please, no holding things in, no dwelling on these things and letting them fester.

Both Saturday and Sunday were beautiful days... warm and sunny. Flowers are blooming, leaves are starting to show up on trees, and, finally, the true test if spring has really come, the dandelions are flowering all over the place on people's lawns!

Friday, April 20, 2007

Friday at 6

It is 6:09pm Friday evening and I am still at work. Two meetings, no working phone on my desk. Hmmm. I've not gotten alot done at work today. Did some coding (mainly javascript) for the project I'm working on. Tried getting on one conference bridge today with my cell phone. The conference bridge would have none of it!

I'm trying to push myself to code a bit more. I'm toggling back and forth from this Blogger edit window to my text editor where I have my javascript.

Bah! Well, I just got a little more code put in.

Alright, I better finish this post, and call my wife from my cell phone so she doesn't worry.

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TMD: Problems with the Old, Potential with the New

The technical problems with the Movieland Directory site continue. Tony called me at home last night with some issues. Fortunately, these were easy to fix and I fixed them while I was on the phone. Tony told me that the site was acting up this morning and wondered if I had changed anything since last night. The answer was "No."

It seems ever since Tony saved the database in the later version of Access we have had these problems. Part of me wants to write a program that converts the database back to the old version of Access and see if that clears things up.

There is still the idea of converting the Access database to MySQL. There are issues with this right now. Tony has a few thoughts on this that might tide us over for now.

Ultimately, I'm working on a revised Movieland Directory site. Adminstrators would have full editing capabilities, so mySQL will be used for sure (no need to edit stuff off-line in Access and reload the database). The new site will be very Web 2.0. I've got to finish this thing! It rocks! As far as how the new site works for the user, I don't think there's anything on the Internet yet like it.

I'm working on the design on my PC at home using ColdFusion MX's Developer Edition. Initially the database will be in Access to make design easier. Once I have everything working great, I will convert the database into MySQL. Then upload everything to a sub directory for Tony to check out. When Tony sees it he will be blown away and urgently desire for me to put it into production for all to see!

I have a certain nerdy pride about the whole thing, but for now I need to keep my nerdy revelations under wraps (no details)!

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Wednesday, April 18, 2007

Movieland Directory Issues

More record locking issues on the Movieland Directory web site.


Looks like I seriously need to convert the Access database that is behind the site into a mySQL database.

I have been given a document on the steps that I need to follow in order to do this. I have all the tools needed on my PC at home (including MS Access). Tonight I need to work on this!!



Well my site may not be relevant, but I am getting practice writing. I'm trying to get into a habit here. So maybe it is relevant to me. Maybe.


Not Relevant

I pondered the question: "Does anyone besides myself read my blog?"
Probably not.
When it comes to this "site" I have not done any networking whatsoever. I may eventually link to it from my real site: chomer.com. But honestly, right now, the content of this blog is not relevant!

Hey? did you notice that the login for Blogger is now rather weird? A combo of Blogger and Goggle. And if you have the stay logged in option checked, instead of going straight to your control panel it does this weird screen flicker thing. Too kluggy Google! I can hear them say: "Well at least it works!" True.

Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Ideas are swimming around in my mind. They're bumping into one another! They're bouncing off the inside of my skull! There are so many things that I want to do!

The engine of my "calculator" here at work is coming along (though not as fast as I want). What is this calculator? Sorry, can't tell! I will certainly be glad when I have it done and working properly.

The new ideas mainly have to do with putting together a new version of the Movieland Directory web site. Can't tell you those either! Want it to be a suprise. Why am I writing this then? I need to purge the urge (to write) from my system. I'm trying to declutter my mind abit.

Wednesday, April 11, 2007

Merry Christmas!

Just kidding!

I woke up this morning to snow falling here in Chicago. And sticking! I borrowed my mom's umbrella to walk to the train through the sloppy mess. And the wind destroyed her umbrella! Looks like I need to get her a new one.


Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Had egg salad sandwich of lunch. I had my wife wrap it in plastic wrap and not just wax paper so that people on the El wouldn't be annoyed by the smell, and that I wouldn't be tempted to eat it too soon!

I went down to the little store next store and bought a 20 oz bottle of Arizona Green Tea. Hopefully the caffeine in it will be enough to sharpen my thinking but not enough to make me edgy! It has 70 calories.

The weather is slightly warmer today here in Chicago. We still have a ways to go before it feels like full-blown spring around here!

Google Earth or DirectX?

Opened Google Earth on my PC at home the other day. It kept closing down on me out of the blue. Installed Microsoft's Virtual Earth 3d too, it pull the same stunt on me. Could it be some patch installed on my XP computer for DirectX? Or some other patch? Google Earth didn't use to do this to me before.

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Monday, April 09, 2007

Stuff done today...

  • Let's see, I "hiked" part of the stairwell at work today.
  • Fixed a goof in some process document at work. Silly me!
  • Didn't have an soda. This is good, I'm addicted to the stuff and it does a number on my health.
  • Did have some chocolate milk.
  • Did have a candy bar. Rats! I want to cut down that sugar intake!
  • My Ajax calculation editor at work is had a pacel of bugs squashed.

Friday, April 06, 2007



Chomer.com. This site is "in shambles." At least in my estimation! Who is the bum who is responsible for this thing? Er, ah, well... That would be me wouldn't it... hmmm....

I have to say that many months went by without me doing one blessed thing on the site. All my evening hours would go to working on my co-worker's site the Movieland Directory, if that at all. I just wanted to say though that in the last 2 or 3 weeks I have made some changes to my site!
The site?
That I made changes! :P

I think my main problem with Chomer.com is that my goals are too lofty. I want to cover too many things. I'm interested in too may things! That isn't a good enough excuse. Robert Scoble has his blog, and about a bazillion other things going at the same time. And he does it well. Of course that's his full time job! My full time job is writing SFA intranet web sites or any other internal Sales Force Automation things they want me to build. When I get home many times I'm sick of building web pages, scripts, software, etc. Do you get the feeling that I am just coming up with excuses?

I fall down, get back up, dust myself off, and begin working on my site again. I look at what it might become someday. It's is my techy playground for now, nobody's counting on it, it is definitely not a cash cow for me, but it's my little spot on the web. Please stop by occasionally and check it out. And please be patient with me and my site and don't write me off.

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I forgot: Network Back Up!

My sister Christy, undid the damage she had done and I have access to the Internet again at home.

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Farther Along

I got the editor I mentioned in the "Ajax is Cool" post is working well. It is both saving and loading nicely. What's nice is the user can edit a fairly complex structure of data all locally and save changes whenever they want to. They can navigate through a tree-veiw on the left hand side of the page, which changes the right hand side of the page (all without reloading the page). Nice!

No wonder my shoulder and arm hurts! It must be from reaching around and patting myself on the back!