Friday, June 25, 2004

Home Remodeling and Drawing Classes

Well, yesterday the work I had contracted to be done on our house was completed. Our house needed tuck-pointing, and the back wood porch was decomposing, rotting, molding, warping, splitting, what more can I say? Bees seemed strangely attracted to this "wood." There was also a couple large "holes" on the gable of the house where bees have in time past moved in an made a nest!

Now the holes are gone. The tuck-pointing is done. There is a new porch made out of wolmanized pressure-treated wood. It all looks great!

I paid the final payment for the work this morning.

Me an my wife went to our beginning drawing class and learned about "value." It was fun but I was glad to get home and crash in bed!

Gallery Frustration

I took more digital pictures of a painting I did and did some editing and resizing on it. I posted a thumb nail on my gallery web site and was disappointed.

I can't find my Photoshop CD! I can see why Photoshop costs so much, the free stuff and cheap stuff sucks! :(

I'm thinking of posting the raw file somewhere on my site, downloading at work, using Photoshop to correct image and resize, and then repost the thumbnail to my gallery site!

Thursday, June 24, 2004

In the Realm of Ideas

I have ideas floating, spinning all around me! I also have events.

The house has been tuck-pointed. The old porch has been torn down and a new one built in its place. Me and my sweetie have been taking beginning drawing classes on Thursdays at the local community college. I've been spending a little more time working on may actual web site. I've gotten our home computer back up to snuff (almost). I've gotten one thumbnail image posted of a painting I did on my web site: http://gallery.chomer.com.

I've gotten Generals Zero Hour reinstalled on the computer!

There is so much to do! So much many ideas I have that I want to do something with!