Monday, July 16, 2007

Grosse Point Lighthouse "photo walk"

My wife and I went to the Grosse Point light house in Evanston, Illinois on Saturday. It just so happens to be the place that I proposed to my wife! I like light houses. I had driven by this one many times without knowing it was even there!

One day I was looking through a book on lighthouses of the Great Lakes, and there it was. I know where that is! There on, it has become a favorite place for me to visit. The following pictures were taken with a simple Canon Powershot A70.

Walking over to the Lighthouse

On the left we are walking from our car over to the lighthouse. This shot is is facing East towards Sheridan Road which the lighthouse is on (on the other side of the street).

The Lighthouse Keepers House
Here is a shot from across Sheridan Road of the lighthouse keeper's house. The lighthouse itself is not really visible itself because of all the trees.

In Back: Passageway connnecting keeper's house to lighthouse
This is a nice shadey spot.

Sign about the Grosse Point Light Station
It's a National Historic Landmark.

Shot from front.
In this shot you can see the lighthouse towering overhead.

Lighthouse Wildflower Trail Garden.
There is a little garden in the back with a path that leads down to Lake Michigan.

A shot looking up at the tower (1).

A shot looking up at the tower (2).

Behind the lighthouse.
The building on the left used to house a large fog horn which was used to alert sailors when it was foggy and they couldn't see the lighthouse light. You can see some of the wildflower garden growing by the building.

Lake Michigan (1).
Looking over some bushes.

Lake Michigan (2).

Wildflower Garden.
The garden is small but nice.

Sand Dune.
Walking up this sandy path over the ridge will take you to the shore of Lake Michigan.

Lake Michigan Beach, Swimmers and Life Guards.

Beach Volleyball Anyone?

The Lighthouse peaking over the Tree Tops.
This picture was shot from the beach.

Lighthouse tower.
Shot from the wildflower garden.

Scale model of the lighthouse.
The lighthouse keeper's quarters is now a small museum. Tours are $5 per adult during summer weekends.

Lighthouse keeper's uniform.
This thing is made out of wool! As a worker for the U.S. Government, a lighthouse keeper was supposed to wear this thing at all times when on duty. This includes hot summer days.

Stepping up into the top of the tower.
The light uses a 2nd order Fresnel lens (pronounced: "Frenel").

Lighting Gearbox.
The Grosse Point lighthouse has a white light with flashes of red in it. This gearbox would control the flashing of the red by moving a red piece of glass in from on the light approx every 15 seconds. It had to be wound up every two hours. A big weight in the hollow wall would cause it to run. Rewinding it pulled the weight back up.

Opening to the top from the staircase.
You have to watch your head when you come up these babies! By the way, there are over 100 steps.

View West from the top.

View North East from the top (1).

View North East from the top (2).

View East from the top.

Frenel lens.
Note that it can be over 100 degrees up here. Imagine wearing one of those wool uniforms!

Yvonne and myself posing for a picture.
My wife and I get someone to take our picture.

Another shot South East.

The Fresnel lense is easy to scratch.... don't touch!

The Bahai Temple off in the distance.
Unusual building that resides in Wilmette Illinois.

One more view South West.

It was a lovely day.

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