Monday, July 16, 2007

Using Blogger editing - Some Problems

First of all I've noticed that uploading pictures in IE7 does not work.
Next, if you insert pictures into a blog post, they end up inserted at the top of the blog, NOT where the insertion point is!

Suggested placing of pictures in a blog post:
  • Use IE6 or Firefox for the post.
  • Begin your post with some spaces, then move your insertion point somewhere in the middle (this makes editing easier later).
  • Before writing one word of your blog you should insert your pictures first, starting with the last picture to appear first.
  • Do one picture at a time to keep from getting confused.
  • Then add the text to your post.
  • To do some "fixing up" you may want to click on the Edit Html tab and edit there (assuming you are HTML literate).

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